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Customer Services


With a proven track record in all aspects of customer service (including phone, post, email and web-based service platforms), Gamerz Events has all the right skills and experience to give effective, efficient and intelligent customer contact. Our dedicated customer services department not only has extensive experience with all aspects of customer support, but we strive to deal with customers on a personal and affable level. Who better to ask for help with a game than a passionate gamer?

It's critical to respond to the individual needs of the customer, and we understand that not everyone wants to talk on a phone, or fill in a web form. That’s why we offer a full range of services - from telephone, post and email to live chat. We are also at the forefront of SMS/Twitter based customer service, for what customers often deem to be more minor issues, ‘not worth ringing up about’.


Whatever your customer service needs, we have the right mix of people and technology to satisfy.

Portable Application Safety Testing Services

(PAT Testing)


Gamerz Events can offer low cost, on and off site PAT testing on all your portable appliances.  We specialise in testing IT equipment and Gaming Consoles, however we can test anything from the office kettle to IT servers (including 110v equipment).  Our fully trained and certified staff can address all your company’s needs for PAT testing no matter the size of your business.  From charity shops and small offices to schools and large businesses, we can take the stress out of getting your appliances tested for electrical safety.


Our staff, using market leading electrical safety testing equipment, will ensure that all of your electrical appliances conform to current safety laws and guidelines as laid out in Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and the IEE Code of Practice.

When using our service you will receive the following from us:


You will also receive both electronic and paper copies of the results,  you can also access them via the internet.


With our prices starting from as little as £1.50 (ex. VAT) per appliance why not ask us for a quote today?

For a personalised quote please email Lee Singleton ( with the number of appliances, types of appliances, location of your business and contact information.