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Gamerz Events

Event Coverage


Our Unique Event Coverage will change your event from a run-of-the-mill tournament into a sharp and professional games event.  Our expert commentators, presenters and MCs can provide event coverage in text, audio or video formats.  We can provide you with a service that all of your players will enjoy, from the newest, casual player right up to your most dedicated stalwart.

Click here to download a sample of our audio coverage.

Each of our coverage solutions can be tailored to meet your individual needs.  Whether you require live content for a web site, post-event content for marketing or a promotional DVD, we provide you with material polished to perfection.

Venue Finding and Event Management


Gamerz Events is the industry leader in games event planning and management.  Why not put those skills to work for you?


Venue Finding


We will use our extensive contacts both within the UK and across the globe to find you the perfect venue for your event. Our event managers match the best venue to your budget to maximise the impact of your show. Whatever your needs, we find you the right location at the right price.

Event Management


Before, during and after your event, let our event managers take the strain. We deal with all elements of venue liaison, creating floor plans, security, power and internet plus everything else not directly related to your tournament.  Our staff will happily attend your show and make sure that everything proceeds exactly as planned.